Book One of the Florida History Series:  A Michael Tallen Novel

‘Fluff piece’ newspaper writer, Michael Tallen, is told by his boss, Katz, that his next assignment is to pen the biography of a saucy, elderly woman named Ruth.  During their first encounter he is hesitant but the more he hears of her life growing up in the circus during the 1930’s and the enthralling people she knew the more interested he becomes.  After he agrees to write her book and begins interviewing her on a regular basis, Michael soon realizes there is more to the two of them meeting than mere coincidence.  Wiley Ruth has a secret agenda.

The Lion Tamer's Daughter
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The SugarKing Shortstop
Book Two of the Florida History Series:  A Michael Tallen Novel

Newspaper reporter and successful novelist, Michael Tallen travels to Little Havana, in Miami, immediately after the death of Fidel Castro.   While hoping to end his writers block and find a subject for his second book he meets, Abelardo, a restaurant owner and former shortstop for the Havana Sugar Kings.  Michael is intrigued by his story of playing professional baseball in Cuba and giving up a promising career to escape to America after the revolution in 1959.  Sparks fly when Michael finds himself falling for Abelardo’s gorgeous, fiery and oh so complicated niece, Benita.  But does Michael’s heart now belong to another?

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