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Book One​

Charlotte Ritter is more than just a survivor.  She’s a highly caffeinated go-getter who is busy raising three teenage kids on her own while juggling a full-time job at a family law practice.  Charlotte has always dealt with things one day and one cup of coffee at a time.  It’s not always easy, especially with a highly autistic child and a new, snarky paralegal that was recently hired at the firm, but she manages. That is until the day her average but hectic life gets turned upside down when her boss asks her to do research for an adoption case.  Charlotte’s talent for connecting dots that most people don’t see, leads her to believe there may have been an abduction that no one even knows about.  Has she gone off the deep end or is she right and two people’s lives may be at stake?  The only person who believes her is her close friend and co-worker Cole.  The deeper they look for the truth, the worse things seem to get as Charlotte’s tenacity leads them down a dangerous path.

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Book Two

It hasn't been that long since research assistant Charlotte Ritter solved a kidnapping case that no one else even knew was a kidnapping case. Things in her life seem to be getting back to somewhat normal when a phone call in the middle of the night jolts her back into the thick of another possible crime. During a fire at the law firm where she works, Charlotte is surprised to spot a former client, a fireman, on the scene. When he disappears suddenly after she calls out to him, she becomes starts to get a little suspicious. With Charlotte, a little is more than enough to cause her to start digging. The more she looks into things, the more she realizes something strange is going on. Like a dog with a bone, she won't let go until she gets to the truth; much to the chagrin of her co-worker and best friend, Cole. You can be sure that it's gonna take a whole lot of caffeine to crack this case!

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Book Three

She just can't seem to help herself. Charlotte Ritter is back at it; finding a case where no one else seems to see one. After a fun trip to Weeki Wachee Springs with her kids (to see "real" mermaids), Charlotte heads back to work and into trouble. Cole tries his best to keep a watchful eye on her, but she's bound and determined to prove that the apparently natural death of a local businesswoman was really a ghastly, premeditated murder. Will she be able to "nail" the killer or will she become the next victim?

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